Talpa Community Library

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A little history about our little treasure...

Years 2000 – 2023

The Talpa Community Center was an Elementary School back in the day. After it sat empty for a few years, the community came together and was able to secure it for the use of a Community Center. The Talpa Community Center is operated under a five-member Board of Directors, with Lupita Morgas as Director of Management to oversee the day-to-day operations. 575-999-6733

The local community of Talpa Village wanted to see a library closer to home since the community does not have a public transportation service. With that said, in 2003 we decided to use the old school lunchroom as our small Library. We got the word out that we were accepting books and the Community responded with tons of books.

We needed bookshelves, and there again, people donated. The Fort Burgin Research Center was also updating their shelves at the time and gave us their old ones. What a blessing that was to us. Someone also donated two computers. Effie Romero, Director at the time, along with the Board and Josephine Gonzales took charge of the volunteers and got the project moving. Our one-room library was ready for patrons.

Then Mari Judy, a local Author of the Book, “Life on Torres Road” took an interest in getting us certified as a Public Library through the NM State Library division. She contacted the NMSL and they came to see our library and used the 2000 Census numbers and boundaries to determine our legal status. Then we qualified for Go Bond and State Support.

Library Expansion in 2007

In 2007 we were completely out of space for the kid's section of our library. We had been renting the adjoining room to a Local Artist (Tony Abeyta) for his studio for the last five years, however, he would soon be moving to a larger location. He was our main financial support during those first years. He gave us a signed easel and palette as he left. So, we again began asking for donations of selves and children's books, and we were able to open the other room, just for the kids. Through the use of Go Bond funds, we were also able to set up a computer space with four new computers.

Library Director

Charlene Gonzales, who had recently retired from her career in the Education Department of Teaching and Administration of the Taos Municipal Schools and the Taos Pueblo Education Department, joined our Team of volunteer staff as the Library Director, keeping us up to date with state levels.

Thank you to those who have worked with us through the years to make our Library Dream come true. Those who have come and gone and some who stayed in the Library, Josephine Gonzales, Marie Judy, Charlene Gonzales, Cathy Vigil, Alice Park, Brittany Vigil, Ruthie Garcia, Effie Romero, Jackie Vincent, John Snyder, Nina Vigil, and current Library Director, Luzita Trujillo.

We have a group of Library friends who support us each and every year, with monetary donations, and others with hands-on support. There are too many to list but know that we appreciate you all!